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A home with a view in Glenmavis

Mayfields, Glenmavis

Lorna and David had been looking to move to a house with more space for them, their son Jay and Rex the dog, for over a year, until they found the perfect house with incredible views at Mayfields. 

Glenmavis Lorna and David Rex in the garden

When we decided to move, we weren’t specifically looking for a new build. We were in Airdrie already and keen to stay in the area, but there was steep competition in the housing market with houses selling for crazy offers over home report, even on homes that needed a lot of work. We’d been looking for over a year and I actually started feeling like an estate agent given the number of homes we’d looked at!

Our old house sold so quickly too – the buyers hadn’t even viewed it - which really put the pressure on to find somewhere. After being outbid on so many properties, the fixed price of a new build really appealed as you’re paying the price of the home, not daft offers over. Plus, everything is brand new and we liked the idea of a lower maintenance home.

As we’d been looking for a home for so long, we were very familiar with the builders in the area. Dawn really stood out to us as the homes had more spacious rooms at a lower price point in comparison. We were looking at a 3 bedroom home but the second we saw the 4 bed Etive, we knew it was the one.

Glenmavis Lorna and David Etive

We loved the house. It’s a good size house for the money and a huge house for us – one more bedroom than we needed really! It was the views that really sold it though. Our house is on the corner and the patio doors from the kitchen and dining area open out to the garden and overlook the fields and the hills in the distance. We can watch the hawks and the different birds, and sometimes there are sheep and cows with wee rabbits running about everywhere. It’s so beautiful and peaceful.

The Etive has a good layout too, there really is so much space. I had a massive 6 seater marble dining table that was probably a bit too big for the old house but works here and there is still tonnes of room. Everyone has already said they’re coming to my house for Christmas! 

It's really good that three of the bedrooms have wardrobes in and it’s fantastic that you can access the garage from a door in the house which is handy for storage too.

The living room has big windows, so we get loads of light coming in. We get the sun at the front in the morning and the back in the evening. 

The choices available were great too. There was a good range of bathroom tiles, and everything is modern. 

We tend to spend most of our time in the kitchen. It’s so open and the patio doors out to the garden are great. I’m a gardener so love sitting outside, as soon as it’s sunny I can open the doors and look out to the view with a coffee.

There’s turf down already, we’ve painted the fence, added some lights and we have plants everywhere. Next year we plan to do a patio and a few other things. 

Glenmavis Lorna and David View 1

The house is definitely warmer than our old house, and that was only built around 20 years ago. We’ve not had the heating on for months, just the hot water on the timer. It’s really handy that you can pop the heating on for just one floor rather than the whole house too. We can stick the heating on for an hour or two upstairs before heading to bed which is great.

Katie, the Sales Consultant, was so lovely, personable and down to earth and you could talk to her about anything. She’s a good asset to the company.

We’re really happy in our new home. The Etive is a great house for the price, and compared to other builders, Dawn is better, hands down.

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