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Benefits of buying new

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There are so many great reasons people buy a new build home and particularly a Dawn Home. Here are just a few:

Upfront processes

New build homes are sold at a fixed price, so you don’t need to worry about how much you should offer or how much ‘over’ you need to pay – you know exactly where you stand from the start. There are no chains to worry about and our team can help answer any questions you might have or break down any confusing jargon.

A new home

With a new build home you can be safe in the knowledge that you don’t need to account for the costs of unforeseen repairs. When people walk into their brand-new Dawn Home, they are welcomed with a meticulous finish and attention to detail. This allows them to focus on the fun part…

Make it your own

There is a misconception that new homes lack character or personality, but with a blank canvas to work with, you can create your dream home before you have even moved in and when you are settled, all that’s left is the finishing touches. 

Why not visit our Instagram page and see what some of our customer have done with their homes.

Energy efficient

New homes must meet strict environmental standards and because of this, they use less energy (and money) to run than older properties. Our homes have well insulated walls and roofs, feature double glazing and energy-efficient heating systems. For many of our customers, the savings make a huge difference to how they budget.

Peace of mind

Your home is protected by the 10-year NHBC Buildmark policy; the first two years of which are covered directly by us with our 24 hour After Sales cover. NHBC Buildmark provides deposit protection from the point of exchange, and after the first 2 years provides a further 8 years structural defects insurance. To find out more, visit We also support the New Homes Quality Code and Consumer Code for Home Builders to give you extra peace of mind. Find out more about our Consumer Codes.