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Our next home will definitely be built by Dawn

Mayfields, Glenmavis

Adam and Leona 2

Fraud investigator, Adam and Primary School Teacher, Leona had high hopes for their first home together and their new three-bedroom Esk at Mayfields, Glenmavis really stood out to them.

We’re both from Coatbridge and were looking to buy our first home together in the area. We’d looked at plenty of second properties on Rightmove and Zoopla but they all needed a lot of work – something that we didn’t have the time to commit to around our jobs.

We looked at a few other builders that had developments in the area, but we were quite disappointed with the layouts of the homes, especially the room sizes and the lack of storage. After a Google, we saw that Dawn Homes were building in Glenmavis.

The location was perfect, about 15 mins from work and 10 mins to our families so we decided to visit the development. When we first arrived, we were a bit speechless. The houses were beautiful.

Before popping into the sales office, we took a walk around the development. The quality of the homes instantly stood out and everyone was so lovely saying “hiya” as we passed.

The comparison between this development and the others we had seen was night and day. The finish of the homes, the style of the doors, the feature brickwork – everything just looked better. 

The main things we were looking for was a nice kitchen and dining area to entertain family and friends, two toilets and good storage. The Esk ticked these boxes and was the most logical step up for us. In the future we’d like a family, and this house has the space for young kids and then we can move to a larger home 5-10 years from now. Although we’ve both said, when it comes to our next move, it will definitely be to another Dawn one.

We actually got a few things that we hadn’t expected with our new house too, like the big windows. Our home gets lot of natural light. It’s something we didn’t really consider when house hunting, but we really appreciate it now that we have moved in. And we’re shocked at how little the bills have been. We’ve only had one bill so far, but it was a lot lower than what we thought it would be. 

The layout doesn’t compromise the storage which is fantastic. We would like to start a family in the future, and I’ve been told that kids come with a lot of things, and I’m quite an organised person, so it was crucial for us to have plenty of space to keep things. The built in wardrobes are huge – even enough space for all my clothes which is a shocker to everyone!

Adam and Leona

The rooms are great sizes, especially the living room. Anyone that’s visited has commented on how light it is because of the large windows. It’s probably our favourite room in the house.

The Sales Consultant, Katie, was fantastic. We were a bit disappointed that there wasn’t a show home of the house style we wanted, but she was great and explained the differences between the Carrick show home and the Esk as we walked around. She mapped it out and put the layout into perspective for us, so it didn’t really matter in the end. 

When it came to things like choices, Katie was really accommodating and gave us plenty of time to look at things as she knew we were a tad indecisive. She made sure we had the time we needed to make decisions so that we never felt rushed. We opted for a double oven in the kitchen and integrated a few of the appliances too with shaker style cabinets.

The customer service has been a real benefit to buying with Dawn. Buying a house is a such a big milestone and Katie made it seem really easy. She made the process as stress free as possible.

Even in terms of snagging, we only have a few things to report. We were considering getting a snagging company in, but after speaking to neighbours who said they felt it was a waste of money as nothing major was flagged in their homes, we decided against it. We’re glad we didn’t and could use that money on other things. 

We have friends at similar stages in life as us, and we’ve already shared the Dawn website with them. It already feels like home here. We settled in really quickly; it actually feels like we’ve been here longer than we have. Everyone that lives here is lovely, even the builders when they are out and about will stop and ask how we are getting on. 

When it comes to our next move, it will be to another Dawn development without a doubt.

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