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Moving back to Bellshill

Quarriers Gait, Bellshill

After 20 years living in New Stevenson, Ian and his wife Jean decided to sell their five bedroom home and look for something smaller to enjoy their retirement in.

Mr Mrs Philips, Quarriers Gait

I’d grown up in Bellshill and owned a local pub. Jean and I had lived here for a good few years together too before we decided to move closer to her parents in New Stevenson and for more space for our children, but we often spoke of moving back here one day. 

We’d been looking at older properties in the area but found that they needed a lot of work doing to them, which, in our 60’s, isn’t something we wanted to spend the time, or the money doing. 

Whilst in Bellshill one day, someone mentioned to us that Dawn Homes would be building in the area soon. We decided to head through to Dawn’s development in Glenmavis to see the show home and find out more – as soon as my wife saw the houses, she knew a Dawn home was for us and we stopped looking elsewhere. 

As much as we had been looking to downsize, we loved the four bedroom Leven. We went to see the show home about six times! We loved the flow of the layout, the garage for the storage, and the doors out to the garden from the open plan kitchen. 

The light in the home is fantastic – especially in the living room as you have the large window to the front and the doors out to the garden at the back. It’s handy having a separate bath and shower cubicle in the main bathroom and we love the living room. 

We have a room for the grandkids which we’ve decorated and added bunkbeds for them, a tv room with a sofa bed and a guest room which Jean also uses as a dressing room, plus our room.

I think our favourite spot is the breakfast bar in the kitchen though. We didn’t have this in our old home and we enjoy sitting there together whilst we have our lunch. The dining room is a great space too. We bought a lovely big table from Bo Concept and we can sit here and look out to the garden. 

Jean is looking at ceramic paving for the garden and some artificial grass to keep things low maintenance for us and we’ll do this when the weather gets better. 

We like the outside of the home too. It has some brick work which is nice and ties in with the colour of the roof. I was apprehensive about the solar panels if I’m honest, but it looks like our electricity bill is going to come down. We have only had one bill so far but it looks like it is going to be a lot less than our old home. 

The Sales Consultant, Katie who worked at Glenmavis is now based at Quarriers Gait in Bellshill. As we visited the show home at Glenmavis regularly, we’ve built up a bond with her. She was absolutely fantastic and such a great support from the first day we met her – she’s become a real friend on our house buying journey.

In fact, the whole team have been great. The service has been absolutely 10 out of 10. We’ve bought a new build before so expected to have a few snags, but at our home demonstration we didn’t notice anything. The site manager picked up on one small detail that he wasn’t happy with and arranged for it to be sorted before we moved in – we hadn’t even noticed it on the walk round!

Since we’ve moved, we’ve spoken to a lot of the contractors on the site as you see them quite regularly. One of the electricians actually commented on the Dawn quality compared to other sites he’s worked on saying that Dawn want everything spot on as they want the best for the customers which was great to hear! 

It’s really nice to be back in Bellshill. As I owned a pub here, we knew a lot of the community and are regularly bumping into people that we used to know in Tesco or at the coffee shop. It’s great for Jean too as she doesn’t drive and can walk to the shops which are just a 10 minute walk away.

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